Meet our Photographers


William has over ten years of experience ensuring that each couple's wedding pictures are exclusively their own. His light-hearted personality makes it easy for couples to have fun throughout the big day and enjoy their memories throughout their lives. 

He loves finding the interesting and unique details that make every couple's session different. These signature shots help to tell the story of their love story and their big day. William looks for angles to accentuate beautiful architecture, create romantic silhouettes against a tree, or show off reflections in the water. His keen eye for these kind of details create an ethereal effect, perfect for a dream fairy tale wedding day. 

When William is not taking amazing photos, he loves to be outdoors with his wife, Judy, and his sweet daughter, Amberly. He loves to travel, especially to New Zealand, where he enjoys the beautifully pristine scenery. 


Tommy is no stranger to the wedding world; before becoming a wedding photographer he helped brides find their perfect wedding gowns. Now with more than eight years of wedding photography experience, Tommy masterfully captures each couple's individuality, creating amazing memories to last a lifetime. 

As a wedding photographer, Tommy goes the extra mile to get the perfect shot. During a session at the Venice Beach canals, he even tried taking a photo from a canoe before wading waist-deep into the water to get the right angle. The joy he feels after each wedding never ceases to amaze him. He knows which moments to capture that will make you laugh and which will make you cry. As a photographer he understands that his photos are what will make your memories and his passion for this industry is what makes those memories last a lifetime.

Speaking from experience, Tommy and his wife, Sharon, can help couples remember the importance of enjoying their wedding day. As a self-proclaimed groomzilla, he nearly passed out at the altar because he did not get enough sleep in the week up to his wedding. He enjoys good food and a good basketball game--two things he hopes to share with his son, Jasper, who was born last summer. 


Jeff has been a wedding photographer for over twelve years. He approaches each wedding as a brand new experience. The wedding day is a once in a lifetime experience for the couple, so Jeff looks for special details about the couple and their wedding to focus on. He wants all couples to feel like their pictures are unique to them, and love the memories that they made on their big day. 

According to Jeff, the key to great wedding photos is to look natural. To do that, he creates a fun environment where couples can completely be themselves. The result is pictures that are custom to their personalities and that perfectly capture each family member's emotions. His favorite part of a wedding day photo session is the love and affection shown to the bride and groom as their families help them get ready.

In his spare time, Jeff loves being outdoors. He likes to travel and hike (especially in the Rocky Mountains), but also enjoys time relaxing on the beach.