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refer your friends to bellasposa and receive a $20 target gift card for each referred bride who purchases her dress with us.


friends refer friends


Terms & Conditions

  • Referred bride must designate referrer in her initial consultation paperwork at first visit to Bellasposa.

  • Referrer cannot be changed after the initial consultation.

  • Limit one referrer per referred bride.

  • Bridal gown purchase is required by both referred bride and referrer, both with valid Bellasposa sales order numbers.

  • Referrer’s name and sales order number must appear on referred bride’s wedding gown sales in order to be eligible.

  • Once referred bride selects gown and meets minimum deposit for her order, referrer has 30 calendar days (as noted by date on referred bride’s sales order) to claim referral gift card.

  • Referrer must call Bellasposa at (909) 758-0176 to schedule an appointment to claim gift card.

  • Referral gift cards cannot be claimed without an appointment.

  • Referrer must show a valid photo ID to claim gift card.

  • Referrer is responsible for tracking referrals; Bellasposa will not alert referrers of purchases.

  • Referral promotion may end at Bellasposa’s discretion